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As a mobility specialist and nutrition coach, D.J. has explored various health and fitness approaches. He believes that there is no one “perfect” diet and when exploring proper nutrition, each individual’s food selection is personal and should always lead towards consistency. D.J. utilizes a combination of free weights, kettlebells, calisthenics, gymnastics, and mobility strength training to “own” one’s body and gain complete physical autonomy.

His influences range from childhood martial arts and basketball to “Ruff Ryder’s Thug Workout” mixtapes. All of which sparked his curiosity for calisthenics and fascination with strength and conditioning. After consistent training, as well as trial and error he found that a combination of several movement disciplines would be the most advantageous for his personal practice. Soon after, he migrated towards training within a physical therapy clinic instead of a commercial gym due to the emphasis on physical function over vanity. 

Now with over 5 years of working in a rehabilitation setting, he has set out to provide guidance for driven individuals who wish to exercise with purpose first and reap the aesthetic benefits after. His system of strength training allows freedom and exploration of one’s physical abilities while highlighting the necessary areas of improvement that promote pain free movement, body awareness, and self confidence.

There are very few variables in life that you hold the power to control. The way you respond to stress and the fuel you provide your body can both be used to practice control and to elevate the quality of your life. Whether that goal is of strength or body composition – simple, sustainable, and tailored training and nutrition habits will be discussed and put in place for long term success. Above all, D.J. believes exercise doesn’t have to be restrictive but instead should flow harmoniously with your life – allowing flexibility during the journey of reaching your fitness goals.

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